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All Saints Mattishall

In mid 2012 we were really excited to launch a site for All Saints Mattishall in Norfolk. It was our first project and we got a really great reception to our designs. All Saints are located in a very serene area of the UK but we wanted to capture the vibrant atmosphere between the 7 churches in the benefice.

Photography features heavily on the All Saints site and the centerpiece is the picture of the All Saints Mattishall church down the left hand side of each page. This presented a challenge for the design as it was such a beautiful picture, we didn’t want to cover it up and this left a smaller space for the content of the site. As the church wanted to update the news section of the site frequently we installed a small content management system called Perch. This allows the church to regularly upload a PDF of the news letter to the site but also to change any of the text on the pages should it become out of date or incorrect.

Mobiles are more and more prevalent in the web world and ASM were very clear about their strategy for mobile devices therefore the site is fully responsive and works on tablets, laptops, desktops and mobiles alike. There are many features of the site that we’re really proud of, the best of which is a map of the Mattishall benefice. The map is custom built and when hovered over gives some information and then when an area is clicked on it gives a more full account of the section that has been chosen. As well as being fully responsive the map works on all browsers and mobiles too. It’s an awesome example of why bespoke websites are worth the extra money over cheap templates.

Visit the All Saints Mattishall site.