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Let’s Dress Fancy

When we first got the project brief for Let’s Dress Fancy we wanted to start the project immediately. The amount of cool ideas we had for the design were overwhelming and we couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Let’s Dress Fancy is a monthly fancy dress themed night out in Manchester and the project started off with a good laugh.

Photography was majorly important and so to start of with we had a Super Hero photo-shoot. 5 of the guys and girls involved in the project dressed up in all sorts of outfits for our cameras and struck their best pose. This gave us a basis for the design, logo and gallery for the site. We used Perch for the site as it provides great apps for Twitter, contact forms and the gallery meaning that the crew of LDF can put up pictures of their nights without having to come back to us for help. Also Perch allowed us to create a section where LDF can integrate Youtube videos onto the site too.

As we mentioned, we created the branding for let’s dress fancy. The logo came straight out of the photo-shoot and the rest of the design came out of the idea of super hero comic strips. There are loads of nice fonts available in the super hero style and we took advantage of Google Fonts as they add no cost to the client.

Check out the Let’s Dress Fancy site.