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MD+WD redesign

MD+WD is the personal CV and portfolio site of our very own Matthew Denny. It’s where you can find the mad ramblings in his blog or just check out his lovely face on his homepage.

His site has recently undergone a major facelift. Firstly because it was so 2012 and also every site is a learning tool and so a redesign is a great way to discover new things without the pressure of clients and time constraints. The main objective was to get the modern ‘single-page’ layout working in WordPress which you can judge the success of yourself.

The site uses the new Flex-box CSS features, is responsive and other features of WordPress that he hasn’t used before like page pagination, breadcrumb trails and how to add sidebars through the user editable pages. All this means that when we come to create another client site, all of these features can be included.

You can visit and judge his work here!

Styal Golf Juniors

When we set out to create a website for Styal Golf Juniors we were really excited for the challenge of creating a site that would appeal to a new young generation of internet users but also would be friendly to the parents and guardians of the juniors at the club. As a team with Mark […]

Let’s Dress Fancy

When we first got the project brief for Let’s Dress Fancy we wanted to start the project immediately. The amount of cool ideas we had for the design were overwhelming and we couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Let’s Dress Fancy is a monthly fancy dress themed night out in Manchester and the project started […]

Cheshire Tennis

The web is a beautiful place and we are proud to have added to that with the unveiling of the new Cheshire Tennis website (even if we do say so ourselves). Cheshire Tennis are a team of professional tennis coaches who pride themselves in giving the best possible coaching to suit the individual they are […]

All Saints Mattishall

In mid 2012 we were really excited to launch a site for All Saints Mattishall in Norfolk. It was our first project and we got a really great reception to our designs. All Saints are located in a very serene area of the UK but we wanted to capture the vibrant atmosphere between the 7 […]