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Styal Golf Juniors

When we set out to create a website for Styal Golf Juniors we were really excited for the challenge of creating a site that would appeal to a new young generation of internet users but also would be friendly to the parents and guardians of the juniors at the club. As a team with Mark Johnson we decided on a specific layout for the site which was similar to Google’s Nexus 4 website.

The idea of the design is to have a set of related sections on each page that are highly visually appealing but also get across the message that was required. Mark provided us with some fantastic high quality images to base our design around and this really gave us the foothold we needed to launch into the design with real enthusiasm and passion though it did give us some design challenges. It was difficult to get the correct blend of white space and colour as well as mixing a variety of colours together on the same page. Having large background images also became tricky once we started to code as we needed to consider how the design would respond to smaller and mobile browsers. It was important to Styal Golf Juniors that the site performed as well as possible on mobile browsers as the most traffic for the site would be from smartphones, tablet and laptops as the site is primarily aimed at juniors.

The site is created using the fabulous Perch so Styal Juniors can edit the site regularly. They can add regular news bulletins as well as changing timetables and images in any of the sections of the site.

Visit the site.